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The electric windows can only be operated with the ignition switch in the “ON” position.


● Before operating the electric window control, make sure that nothing is capable of being trapped (head, hand, finger, etc.).

● Never leave the vehicle without removing the key.

● Never leave a child (or other person who might not be capable of safe operation of the electric window control) in the vehicle alone.

● The chid may tamper with switch at the of its hands or head being trapped in the window.

Electric window control switch

Each door window opens or closes while the corresponding switch is operated.

Each door window opens or closes while the corresponding switch is operated.

1- Driver’s door window.

1- Driver’s door window.

2- Front passenger’s door window.

3- Rear left door window.

4- Rear right door window.

5- Lock switch.

The switches can be used to operate all door windows. A door window can be opened or closed by operating the corresponding switch.

Press the switch down to open the door window, and pull up the switch to close it.

If the switch is fully pressed down/pulled up, the door window automatically

If the switch is fully pressed down/pulled up, the door window automatically opens/closes completely.

If you want to stop the window movement, operate the switch lightly in the reverse direction.


● Repeated operation with the engine stopped will run down the battery. Operate the electric window switches only while the engine is running.

● The electric windows can also be closed with the remote control switch of the keyless entry system or keyless operation system.

Refer to “Keyless entry system”.

Refer to “Keyless operation system: Keyless entry system”.

● If the vehicle is equipped with the keyless operation system, the electric windows can also be closed with the door or tailgate “LOCK” switch.

Refer to “Keyless operation system: To operate using the keyless operation function”.

● The rear door windows only open halfway.

Lock switch

When this switch is operated, the passenger’s switches cannot be used to open or close the door windows.

To unlock, press it once again.

1- Lock.

1- Lock.

2- Unlock.


● The driver’s switch always can open or close any door windows.


● A child may tamper with the switch at the risk of its hands or head being trapped in the window. When driving with a child in the vehicle, please press the window lock switch to disable the passenger’s switches.


● The settings can be changed so that when the lock switch is “ON” the front passenger and rear door windows cannot be opened or closed even with the driver’s switch.

Please consult an authorised MITSUBISHI MOTORS dealer.

Timer function

The door windows can be opened or closed for 30 seconds after the ignition switch is turned off. If the driver’s door is opened during this period, the door window can be opened or closed for another 30 seconds.

However, once the driver’s door is closed, the windows cannot be operated.


● Functions can be modified as stated below.

Please consult an authorized MITSUBISHI MOTORS dealer.

● The timer period can be adjusted.

● The timer function can be cancelled.

● It can be made impossible to open the front passenger’s and rear windows from the driver’s switch during timer operation.

Safety mechanism

If a hand or head is trapped in the closing window, it will lower automatically.

Nonetheless, make sure that nobody puts their head or hand out of the window when closing a door window.

The lowered window will become operational after a few seconds.


● If the safety mechanism is activated three or more times successively, the safety mechanism will be temporarily cancelled.

If a hand or head got trapped, a serious injury could result.


● The safety mechanism is cancelled just before the window is fully closed. This allows the window to close completely. Therefore be especially careful that no fingers are trapped in the window.


● The safety mechanism can be activated if the driving conditions or other circumstances cause the power window to be subjected to a physical shock similar to that caused by a trapped hand or head.

● If the safety mechanism is activated three or more times in a row, the safety mechanism will be cancelled and the door window will not close correctly.

In such a case, the following procedure should be implemented to rectify this situation. If the window is open, repeatedly raise the appropriate window switch until that window has been fully closed. Following this, release the switch, raise the switch once again and hold it in this condition for at least one second, then release it. You should now be able to operate all windows in the normal fashion.

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