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The sunroof can only be operated with the ignition switch in the “ON” position.

1- Open.

1- Open.

2- Tilt up.

3- Close, Tilt down.

To open, press the switch (1)

To stop the moving sunroof, press the switch (2) or (3).


● The sunroof automatically stops just before reaching the fully open position.

Press the switch again to fully open it.

To close, press the switch (3)

To stop the moving sunroof, press the switch (1) or (2).

To tilt up, press the switch (2)

The rear sunroof will rise to ventilate the car interior.

To tilt down, press the Switch (3)

Safety mechanism

If a hand or head is trapped in the closing sunroof, it will reopen automatically.

Nonetheless, make sure that nobody puts their head or hand out of the sunroof when opening or closing.

The opened sunroof will become operational after a few seconds.

If the safety mechanism should be activated 5 or more times consecutively, normal closing of the sunroof will be aborted. In such an event, the following steps should be taken:

1. Tilt up the sunroof by pressing the switch (2) repeatedly.

2. Hold down the tilt up switch (2) for about 3 seconds or more.

3. After pressing the switch (1) to open the sunroof completely, press the switch (3) to close the sunroof completely.


● The safety mechanism can be activated if the driving conditions or other circumstances cause the sunroof to be subjected to a physical shock similar to that caused by a trapped hand or head.

● Avoiding stopping the sunroof before it reaches the opening or closing end during operations. If this should accidentally be allowed to happen, repeat the process from step 1.


● The safety mechanism is cancelled just before the sunroof is fully closed. This allows the sunroof to close completely.

Therefore be especially careful that no fingers are trapped in the sunroof.

4. Following this action, it should be possible to operate the sunroof in the normal manner.


Slide the sunshade manually to open and close it.

Slide the sunshade manually to open and close it.


● Be careful that hands are not trapped when closing the sunshade.


● Be sure to tilt down the sunroof before closing the sunshade.

● The sunshade cannot be closed with the sunroof opened.


● Do not put head, hands or anything else out of the sunroof opening while driving the vehicle.

● Never leave a child (or other person who might not be capable of safe operation of the sunroof switch) in the vehicle alone.

● Before operating the sunroof, make sure that nothing is capable of being trapped (head, hand, finger, etc.).


● If you are going to leave the vehicle unattended, always close the sunroof and take the ignition key with you.

● Do not try to operate the sunroof if it is frozen closed (after snow fall or during extreme cold).

● Do not sit or place heavy luggage on the sunroof or roof opening edge.

● Release the switch as soon as the sunroof reaches the fully open or fully closed position.

● If the sunroof does not operate when the sunroof switch is operated, release the switch and check whether something is trapped by the sunroof. If nothing is trapped, we recommend you to have the sunroof checked.

● Depending on the models of ski carriers or roof carriers, the sunroof may contact with the carrier when the sunroof is tilted up. Be careful when tilting up the sunroof if such a ski carrier or a roof carrier is installed.

● Be sure to close the sunroof completely when washing the vehicle or when leaving the vehicle.

● Be careful, not to put any wax on the weatherstrip (black rubber) around the sunroof opening. If stained with wax, the weatherstrip cannot maintain a weatherproof seal with the sunroof.

● After washing the vehicle or after it has rained, wipe off any water that is on the sunroof before operating it.

● Operating the sunroof repeatedly with the engine stationary will run down the battery. Operate the sunroof while the engine is running.

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