SeatSeat  - Seat and seat belts - Mitsubishi Outlander Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Outlander

1-Front seat

1-Front seat

● To adjust forward or backward → P. 2-6.

● To recline the seatback → P. 2-7.

● To adjust seat height (driver’s seat only) → P. 2-8.

● Armrest → P. 2-10.

● Heated seats → P. 2-10.

2- Second seat

● To adjust forward or backward → P. 2-11.

● To recline the seatback → P. 2-11.

● Armrest → P. 2-13.

● Accessing the underfloor-stowable third seat (7 persons) → P. 2-13.

3- Third seat (7 persons)

● To fold out the underfloor-stowable third seat → P. 2-14.

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