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When the ignition switch is turned “ON”, the odometer display is given in the

When the ignition switch is turned “ON”, the odometer display is given in the lower display window (1). The upper display window (2) shows the tripmeter A and tripmeter B distances in that sequence. It then shows the distance that was displayed before the ignition switch was last turned to the “OFF”.

Every time the reset button (3) is pressed lightly (less than one second), the upper display is changed as below.



The odometer indicates the total distance the vehicle has travelled.


There are two tripmeters: A and B. These indicate the distance travelled during a particular trip or period.

4– Tripmeter A indicates the distance travelled since the current trip begins.
5– Tripmeter B indicates the distance from an intermediate location.

To return the indication to 0, press the reset button for more than 1 second. Only the currently displayed value will be reset.


(1) Display A and B each have a maximum distance of 999.9 mile (km).
(2) When disconnecting the battery terminal for a long time, the memory of tripmeter display A and B are cleared, and the display returns to “0”.

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