Defogging logicDefogging logic  - Windshield defrosting and defogging - Features of your vehicle - Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2023) - Owner's Manual - Kia Sportage - 5 generation (NQ5)

To reduce the possibility of fogging up the inside of the windshield, the air intake or air conditioning is controlled automatically according to certain conditions such  as or position.

To cancel automatic defogging logic or return to the automatic defogging logic, do the following.

Canceling/returning automatic defogging logic

Canceling/returning automatic defogging logic

  1. Turn the ENGINE START/STOP button to the ON position.
  2. Press the defroster button ( ).
  3. While pressing the air conditioning (A/ C) button, press the air intake control button at least 5 times within 3 seconds.

    The recirculation indicator blinks 3 times in 0.5 second of intervals. It indicates that the defogging logic is canceled or returned to the programmed status.

If the battery has been discharged or disconnected, it resets to the defog logic status.

Front glass heater (if equipped)

The front glass heater heats the window to remove frost, fog and thin ice from the interior and exterior of the front window, while the engine is running.

Front glass heater (if equipped)

If there is heavy accumulation of snow on the front window, brush it off before operating the front glass heater.

Front glass heater (if equipped)

To activate the front glass heater:

  • Press the front glass heater button.

    The indicator on the front glass heater button illuminates when the front glass heater is ON.

The front glass heater automatically turns off after approximately 15 minutes or when the ignition switch or ENGINE START/STOP button is turned off. However, if you press the button again after the heater is turned off automatically after 15 minutes, the heater will stay on only for approximately 5 minutes. To turn off the front glass heater while it is operating, press the front glass heater button again.

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