Starting the engineStarting the engine  - ENGINE START/STOP button - Driving your vehicle - Kia Sportage - Fifth generation (NQ5) - (2022-2023) - Owner's Manual - Kia Sportage - 5 generation (NQ5)


  • Do not start the vehicle with the accelerator pedal engaged. The vehicle can move and lead to an accident.
  • Wait until the engine rpm is normal.

    The vehicle may suddenly move if the brake pedal is released when the r pm is high.

Starting the engine with smart key

At the time that the vehicle doors are opened or when the ENGINE START/ STOP button is pressed the vehicle will check for the smart key.

If the smart key is not in the vehicle, the indicator and a message "Key is not in the vehicle" will appear on the instrument cluster and LCD window. And if all doors are closed, the chime will sound for 5 seconds. The indicator or warning will turn off while the vehicle is moving. Always have the smart key with you.


The engine will start, only when the smart key is in the vehicle. Never allow children or any person who is unfamiliar with the vehicle touch the ENGINE START/STOP button or related parts.

Pushing the ENGINE START/STOP button while the smart key is in the vehicle may result in unintended engine activation and/or unintended vehicle movement.


If the engine stalls while the vehicle is in motion, do not attempt to move the gear to the P (Park) position. If the traffic and road conditions permit, you may put the gear in the N (Neutral) position while the vehicle is still moving and press the ENGINE START/STOP button in an attempt to restart the engine.


  • If the battery is weak or the smart key does not work correctly, you can start the engine by pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button with the smart key.

    When you press the ENGINE START/ STOP button directly with the smart key, the smart key should contact the button at a right angle.

  • When the stop lamp fuse is blown, you cannot start the engine normally.

    Replace the fuse with a new one. If it is not possible, you can start the engine by pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button for 10 seconds while it is in the ACC position. The engine can start without pressing the brake pedal. But for your safety always press the brake pedal before starting the engine.


Do not press the ENGINE START/ STOP button for more than 10 seconds except when the stop lamp fuse is blown.

Starting the engine

  1. Carry the smart key or leave it inside the vehicle.
  2. Make sure the parking brake is firmly applied.
  3. Make sure the gear is shifted to P (Park) position. Depress the brake pedal fully.
  4. Press the ENGINE START/STOP button.

    It should be started without depressing the accelerator pedal.

  5. Do not wait for the engine to warm up while the vehicle remains stationary.

    Start driving at moderate engine speeds. (Steep accelerating and decelerating should be avoided.)

Starting the gasoline engine


  1. Make sure the parking brake is applied
  2. Make  sure the gear is in P (Park).
  3. Fully depress the brake pedal.
  4. Turn the key to START position or press the ENGINE START/STOP button.
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