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The Auto Hold function will display a warning message with sound under certain conditions.

When the EPB is applied from Auto Hold, a warning will sound and a message will appear.

  1. Parking brake automatically engaged

When the conversion from Auto Hold to EPB is not working properly a warning will sound and a message will appear.

  1. AUTO HOLD turning Off! Press brake pedal


When this message is displayed, the Auto Hold and EPB may not operate. For your safety, press the brake pedal.

If you do not apply the brake pedal when you release the Auto Hold by pressing the [AUTO HOLD] switch, a warning will sound and a message will appear.

  1. Press brake pedal to deactivate AUTO HOLD

When you press the [AUTO HOLD] switch, if the driver's door and engine hood are not closed, a warning will sound and a message will appear on the LCD display.

  1. AUTO HOLD conditions not met.

    Close door, hood and liftgate

At this moment, press the [AUTO HOLD] button after closing the driver's door and engine hood.

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