To increase the set speedTo increase the set speed  - Cruise control - Starting and driving - Mitsubishi Lancer Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Lancer

There are 2 ways to increase the set speed.

“ACC RES” switch

Press and hold the “ACC RES” switch (C) while driving at the set speed, and your speed will then gradually increase.

When you reach your desired speed, release the switch. Your new cruising speed is now set.

To increase your speed in small amounts, press the “ACC RES” switch for less

To increase your speed in small amounts, press the “ACC RES” switch for less than about 1 second and release it.

Each time you press the “ACC RES” switch, your vehicle will go about 1.6 km/h (1 mph) faster.

Accelerator pedal

While driving at the set speed, use the accelerator pedal to reach your desired speed and then press the “COAST SET” switch (B) and release the switch momentarily to set a new desired cruising speed.

To decrease the set speed

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