Operation from outside the vehicleOperation from outside the vehicle  - Boot lid (or tailgate) - Locking and unlocking - Mitsubishi Carisma Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Carisma

Insert (or remove) the key when the boot lid (or tailgate) key cylinder is in

Insert (or remove) the key when the boot lid (or tailgate) key cylinder is in the vertical or the horizontal position.

Rotate the key to lock or unlock as shown in the illustration.

1- Unlock
2- Lock
3- Always lock


If the key cylinder remains ”Always lock” in position (3), the boot lid (or tailgate) cannot be unlocked by the central door lock operation.

To open

To open

Push the boot lid (or tailgate) key cylinder (A) when the key cylinder is in the unlocked position.

To close

Press the boot lid (or tailgate) down until it is closed, and turn the key to lock position.



Gas springs (B) are installed in the locations illustrated in order to support the tailgate. Please observe the following in order to prevent damage or faulty operation.

  • Do not attach any plastic material, tape, etc., to the gas springs.
  • Do not tie string, etc., around the gas springs.
  • Do not pull on the gas springs when closing the tailgate or hang items from the gas springs.
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