[With a CD autochanger][With a CD autochanger]  - UKW/MW/LW electronic tuning radio with CD player* - For pleasant driving - Mitsubishi Carisma Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Carisma

1. Press the CD button (3), and the CD autochanger mode will be selected, starting a playback. Each time the CD button is pressed, one in the autochanger is played back alternately.


To listen to another disc in the CD autochanger, press the DISC button (6), to select the disc. Every time the side of the DISC button is pressed, the next disc is selected. Every time the side of the DISC button is pressed, the next disc is selected. Every time the to the previous disc is made. side of the button is pressed, changeover to the previous disc is made.

2. To adjust the volume and tone, refer to the section “How to adjust the volume” and “How to adjust the tone” on page 6–17.
3. To stop the CD, turn off the power by pressing the PWR switch (1) or make changeover to the other mode by pressing the U/M/L button (2).
4. For information concerning the handling of compact discs, refer to the section “Handling of compact discs” on page 6–27.

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