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1. Lightly wipe off with gauze or other soft cloth soaked with a 5 % aqueous solution of neutral detergent for wool.
2. Dip cloth in fresh water and wring it out well. Using this cloth, wipe off the detergent thoroughly.
3. Apply leather protecting agent to the genuine leather surface.


(1) If genuine leather is wet with water or is washed in water, wipe off water as quickly as possible with a dry, soft cloth.
(2) Slight stains on genuine leather may be removed with leather cleaner as well.
(3) The genuine leather surface may be damaged if a nylon brush or synthetic fibre is rubbed hard against it.
(4) Organic solvents such as benzine, alcohol and gasoline, acid or alkaline solvents may discolour the genuine leather surface. Be sure to use neutral detergents.
(5) Dirty genuine leather seat may mildew. Be very careful about oil stains and remove them quickly.
(6) The genuine leather surface may harden and shrink if it is exposed to direct rays of the sun for long hours. When your vehicle is parked, place it in the shade as much as possible.
(7) When the temperature of the vehicle interior rises in summer, vinyl products left on the genuine leather seat may deteriorate and stick to the seat.

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