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If tyre chains have to be used, ensure that they are fitted only on the front wheels. Use only tyre chains which are designed for use with the tyres mounted on the vehicle: use of the incorrect size or type of chain could result in damage to the vehicle body. Before fitting tyre chains, please consult your authorized MITSUBISHI dealer. The max chain height is as follows.

The speed limit for tyre chain is 50 km/h and remove the tyre chains as soon

The speed limit for tyre chain is 50 km/h and remove the tyre chains as soon as possible on snow free roads.


DO NOT use a jack when filling the chains as in the conditions the tyres may slip on the icy road causing the vehicle to slip off the jack.


(1) Practice fitting the chains before you need them. Don’t expect help from other people in the cold.
(2) Choose a clear straight stretch of road where you can pull off and still be seen while you are fitting the chains.
(3) Do not fit chains before you need them. This will wear out your tyres and the road surface.
(4) After driving around 100 - 300 metres, stop and retighten the chains.
(5) Care should be taken with extremes of steering lock to prevent possible contact between the chains and the vehicle body.
(6) Drive carefully and do not exceed 50 km/h. Remember, fitting chains is not going to stop accidents from happening.
(7) When tyre chains are installed, take care that they do not damage the disc wheel or body.
(8) Do not install a tyre chain on an emergency wheel which is compact in size. If one of the front wheels is punctured, replace it with one of the rear wheels and install the compact spare wheel in that place before fitting a tyre chain.
(9) An aluminium wheel can be damaged by a tyre chain while driving. When fitting a tyre chain on an aluminium wheel, take care that any part of the chain and fitting cannot be brought into contact with the disc wheel.
(10) On vehicles with wheel covers, remove the wheel covers before installing a tyre chain, otherwise they may be damaged by the tyre chain. (Refer to page 8–8)
(11) When installing or removing a tyre chain, take care that hands and other parts of your body are not injured by the sharp edges of the vehicle body.
(12) Install the chains only on the front tyres and tighten them as tightly as possible with the ends securely fastened.


The laws and regulations concerning the use of tyre chains vary. Find out and follow the laws and regulations in driving area. In most countries, it is prohibited by the law to use tyre chains on roads without snow.

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