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Vehicle Electronic Control System II) - Starting and driving - Mitsubishi Carisma Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Carisma

A- Selector lever position indicator lamp B- “N” indicator lamp

A- Selector lever position indicator lamp
B- “N” indicator lamp

The indication lamps in the instrument panel are for indication the selector lever position and one of them will be illuminated when the ignition is switched “ON”.



If the “N” (NEUTRAL) indicator lamp in the selector lever position indicator flashes while you are driving, there could be a malfunction in the automatic transmission. (If the selected lever position is in the “P” (PARK), “R” (REVERSE) or “N” (NEUTRAL) position, the indicator lamp does not flash.) Identify and rectify the problem in accordance with the following procedure.


[The “N” indicator lamp flashes rapidly (twice per second)]

The automatic transmission fluid is overheating.

Park your vehicle in a safe place but do not turn off the engine. Move the selector lever to the “P” (PARK) position and open the bonnet. Keep the engine idling.

After a while, move the selector to the “D” position and confirm that the “N” indicator lamp stops flashing. It is safe to continue driving if the “N” indicator lamp no longer flashes.

Be sure to carry out this check with the selector lever in the all forward position except for “P” (PARK), “R” (REVERSE) or “N” (NEUTRAL). The “N” indicator lamp warning function operates only in these positions. If the “N” indicator lamp continues flashing or flashes intermittently, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized MITSUBISHI dealer.


[The “N” indicator lamp flashes slowly (once per second)]

The automatic transmission safety device may be operating due to a malfunction. Have your vehicle inspected by an authorized MITSUBISHI dealer as soon as possible.

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