Interior (LHD, RHD)Interior (LHD, RHD)  - Overview - Mitsubishi Lancer Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Lancer

1. Luggage compartment levers

1. Luggage compartment levers
2. Coat hook
3. Assist grips
4. Supplemental restraint system - curtain airbag
5. Rear room lamp
6. Rear seat
7. Cup holder (for rear seat)
8. Armrest
9. Adjustable load floor
10. Cargo floor boxes
11. Tether anchorages for child restraint system

1. Rear room lamp

1. Rear room lamp
2. Supplemental restraint system - curtain airbag
3. Assist grips
4. Coat hook
5. Luggage compartment levers
6. Tether anchorages for child restraint system
7. Cargo floor boxes
8. Adjustable load floor
9. Armrest
10. Cup holder (for rear seat)
11. Rear seat

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