What to do if the engine speed becomes unstable after the battery is replacedWhat to do if the engine speed becomes unstable after the battery is replaced  - For emergencies - Mitsubishi Carisma Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Carisma

If the engine speed becomes unstable after the battery is replaced, reset the engine using the following method:

1. Stop the vehicle in a safe place.
2. Place the gearshift lever (manual transmission) in the ”N” (Neutral) or the selector lever (automatic transmission) in the ”P” (PARK) position. Stop the engine.
3. Restart the engine.
4. Turn off the air conditioning (if so equipped).
5. Allow the engine to warm up until the needle in the water temperature gauge stabilizes near the centre of the gauge.
6. Stop and restart the engine.
7. Allow the engine to idle for approximately 10 minutes.
8. When the engine speed stabilizes, the resetting procedure is complete.


If the engine speed remains unstable after the resetting procedure has been performed, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized MITSUBISHI dealer.

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