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The electric windows can only be operated with the ignition switch in the “ON”

The electric windows can only be operated with the ignition switch in the “ON” position.

Each door window opens or closes while the corresponding switch is pressed.

1- Driver’s door window
2- Front passenger’s door window
3- Rear left door window
4- Rear right door window
5- Lock switch



(1) Before operating the electric window control, make sure that nothing is capable of being trapped (head, hand, finger, etc.).
(2) Never leave the vehicle without removing the key.
(3) Never leave a child (or other persons who might not be capable of safe operation of the electric window control) in the vehicle alone.



Once the battery cable is disconnected, or the fuse is replaced, it may happen that the door glasses cannot be operated normally even after reconnecting the battery cable. In such a case, take the following steps with all the door windows.

Pull the power window switch repeatedly to close the door window completely if it is open. After it is completely closed, pull the switch again for one second, and the door window will resume its normal operation.

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