Electric window control switchElectric window control switch  - Electric window control - Locking and unlocking - Mitsubishi Lancer Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Lancer

Each door window opens or closes while the corresponding switch is operated.

1- Driver’s door window

1- Driver’s door window
2- Front passenger’s door window
3- Rear left door window
4- Rear right door window
5- Lock switch

► Before operating the electric window control, make sure that nothing can Warning

► Before operating the electric window control, make sure that nothing can get trapped (head, hand, finger, etc.).
► Never leave the vehicle without removing the key.
► Never leave a child (or other person who might not be capable of safe operation of the electric window control) in the vehicle alone.
► The child may tamper with the switch at the risk of its hands or head being trapped in the window.

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