Installation of accessoriesInstallation of accessories  - General information - Mitsubishi Carisma Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Carisma

Before fitting any accessories, please consult your authorized MITSUBISHI dealer.

(1) The installation of accessories, optional parts, etc., should only be carried out within the limits prescribed by law in your country, and in accordance with the guidelines and warnings contained within the documents accompanying this vehicle.
Only MITSUBISHI approved accessories should be fitted to your vehicle.
(2) Improper installation of electrical parts could cause fire, please refer to the Modification/alterations to the electrical or fuel systems section within this owner’s handbook.
(3) When using a communication system such as a cellular phone or a radio set inside the vehicle, a separate external antenna must be fitted. When a cellular phone or a radio set is used by using an internal antenna alone, it may interfere with the vehicle’s electrical system and adversely affect safe operation of the vehicle.
(4) Tyres and wheels which do not meet specifications must not be used. Refer to the “Specifications” section for information regarding wheel and tyre sizes on page 10–11.
(5) Do not fail to read all relative instructions before first putting into service and prior to the attachment or installation of accessories, parts or other modifications to the vehicle!

Important points!

Due to the large number of accessory and replacement parts of different manufacturers in the market, it is not possible, not only for MITSUBISHI MOTOR SALES Europe B.V., but also an authorized MITSUBISHI dealer, to check whether the attachment or installation of such parts affects the driving safety of your MITSUBISHI-vehicle.

Even when such parts are officially authorized, for example by a “general operators permit” (an appraisal for the part) or through the execution of the part in an officially approved manner of construction, or when a single operation permit following the attachment or installation of such parts, it cannot be deduced from that alone, that the driving safety of your vehicle has not been affected. Consider also that there basically exists no liability on the part of the appraiser or the official. Only in the case of parts (MITSUBISHI original replacement or exchange parts as well as MITSUBISHI accessories) that are recommended and released by an authorized MITSUBISHI dealer and that are attached or installed by an authorized MITSUBISHI dealer can you assume, that optimal safety has been provided. The same also pertains to modifications of MITSUBISHI vehicles with respect to the production specifications. For your own safety, in such cases as well, you should only undertake modifications according to the recommendations of an authorized MITSUBISHI dealer.

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