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When transporting infants and small children in your vehicle, follow the instruction

When transporting infants and small children in your vehicle, follow the instruction given below.


(1) For small infants, an infant carrier should be used. For small children whose height when seated allows the shoulder belt to lie in contact with the face or the throat, a child seat should be used.
(2) The child restraint system should be appropriate for your child’s weight and height and properly fit the vehicle. For a higher degree of safety: THE CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM SHOULD BE INSTALLED IN THE REAR SEAT.
(3) Before purchasing a child seat or infant carrier, first try to install it in the rear seat to ensure it fits well. Due to the location of the seat belt buckles in the seat cushion, it may be difficult to securely install some child restraint systems. If the child restraint system can be pulled forward easily on the seat cushion after the belt has been tightened, choose another child restraint system.


(1) When installing a child restraint system, refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the restraint system. Failure to do so can result in severe or fatal injury to your child.
(2) After installation, push and pull the child restraint system back and forth, and side to side, to see that it is positively secured. If the child restraint system is not installed securely, it may cause injury to the child or other occupants in case of accident or sudden stops.
(3) When the child restraint system is not in use, keep your child or infant seat secured with the seat belt or remove it from the vehicle in order to prevent injury to your child.

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