Filling the fuel tankFilling the fuel tank  - General information - Mitsubishi ASX Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi ASX

• When handling fuel, comply with the safety regulations displayed by garages WARNING

• When handling fuel, comply with the safety regulations displayed by garages and filling stations.

• Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive.

You could be burned or seriously injured when handling it. When refueling your vehicle, always turn the engine off and keep away from flames, sparks, and smoking materials. Always handle fuel in well-ventilated outdoor areas.

• Before removing the fuel cap, be sure to get rid of your body’s static electricity by touching a metal part of the car or the fuel pump. Any static electricity on your body could create a spark that ignites fuel vapour.

• Perform the whole refueling process (opening the fuel tank filler door, removing the fuel cap, etc.) by yourself. Do not let any other person come near the fuel tank filler. If you allowed a person to help you and that person was carrying static electricity, fuel vapour could be ignited.

• Do not move away from the fuel tank filler until refueling is finished. If you moved away and did something else (for example, sitting on a seat) part-way through the refueling process, you could pick up a fresh charge of static electricity.

• If the tank cap must be replaced, use only a MITSUBISHI MOTORS original part.

Fuel tank capacity

2WD models: 63 litres
4WD models: 60 litres


1. Before filling with fuel, stop the engine.
2. The fuel tank filler is located on the rear left side of your vehicle.

Open the fuel tank filler door by pulling the release lever located on the side of the driver’s seat.

3. Remove the fuel cap.

3. Remove the fuel cap.

Open the fuel tank filler tube by slowly turning the cap anticlockwise.

1- Remove

1- Remove

2- Close

4. While filling with fuel, hang the fuel cap cord on the hook located on the inside of the fuel tank filler door.


• Since the fuel system may be under pressure, remove the fuel cap slowly. CAUTION

• Since the fuel system may be under pressure, remove the fuel cap slowly. This relieves any pressure or vacuum that might have built up in the fuel tank. If you hear a hissing sound from the cap, wait until it stops before removing the cap. Otherwise, fuel may spray out, injuring you or others.

5. Insert the gun in the tank port as far as it goes.

• Do not tilt the gun. CAUTION

• Do not tilt the gun.

6. When the gun stops automatically, do not fill with fuel any more.

7. Close the fuel cap.

To close, turn the fuel cap slowly clockwise until you hear clicking sounds, then gently push the fuel tank filler door closed.

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