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Whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion, sports mode is selected by pushing

Whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion, sports mode is selected by pushing the selector lever from the “D” (DRIVE) position into the manual gate (A). To return to “D” range operation, push the selector lever back into the main gate (B).

In sports mode, gear shifts can be made rapidly simply by moving the selector lever backwards and forwards. In contrast to a manual transmission, the sports mode allows gear shifts with the accelerator pedal depressed.

+ (UP): Push the lever forward once to shift up one gear.
– (DOWN): Pull the lever backwards once to shift down one gear.


(1) Upward shifts do not take place automatically in sports mode. The driver must execute upward shifts in accordance with prevailing road conditions, taking care to keep the engine speed below the red zone.
(2) By rapidly moving the selector lever backwards (DOWN) twice, it is possible to skip one gear, i.e., 3rd to 1st or 4th to 2nd. Since sudden engine braking and/or rapid accelera-tion can cause a loss of traction, however, downshifts must be made carefully in accordance with the vehicle’s speed.


(1) In sports mode, only the 4 forward gears can be selected. To reverse or park the vehicle, move the selector lever to the “R” (REVERSE) or “P” (PARK) position as required.
(2) To maintain the required levels of vehicle performance and safety, the system may not execute certain gear shifts when the selector lever is operated, such as 4th gear at low speed.
(3) In sports mode, downward shifts are made automatically when the vehicle slows down. When the vehicle stops, 1st gear is automatically selected.
(4) When driving away on a slippery road, push the selector lever forward into the + (UP) position. This causes the transmission to shift into the 2nd gear which is better for smooth driving away on a slippery road. Push the selector lever to the – (DOWN) side to shift back to the 1st gear.
(5) Move the selector lever gently between the manual and main gates and between positions in the manual gate. Undue force could damage the selector lever.

Sports mode indicator lamps

Sports mode indicator lamps

In sports mode, the currently selected gear is indicated by green lamp on the instrument panel.


When sports mode is selected, the “D” indicator lamp goes off.

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