To listen to a CD [With a CD player]To listen to a CD [With a CD player]  - UKW/MW/LW electronic tuning radio with CD player* - For pleasant driving - Mitsubishi Carisma Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Carisma

1. Insert the disc with the label facing upward. When a disc is inserted, the CD player will begin playing even if the radio or tape player is being used.
The CD player will also start the playback when the CD button (3) is pressed with a disc in the player even if the radio or tape player is being used.


If the system is equipped with CD autochanger, the system operation is changed over from the CD player mode to the CD autochanger mode and vice versa each time the CD button (3) is pressed.

2. To adjust the volume and tone, refer to the section “How to adjust the volume” and “How to adjust the tone” on page 6–17.
3. When the CD eject button (5) on the CD player is pressed, the disc will automatically stop and be ejected.
4. When a 3-inch compact disc is used, playback can be made without using the adapter. Insert the disc about in the centre of the discloading slot.
5. For information concerning the handling of compact discs, refer to the section “Handling of compact discs” on page 6–27.

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