System preparation mode (approx. 20 seconds)System preparation mode (approx. 20 seconds)  - The security alarm has four modes - Security alarm system - Locking and unlocking - Mitsubishi Lancer Owner's Manual - Mitsubishi Lancer

(The buzzer sounds intermittently and the security indicator (A) blinks.)

The system preparation time extends from the point at which all of the doors

The system preparation time extends from the point at which all of the doors and rear hatch are locked by pressing the LOCK switch on the remote control switch or the keyless operation function to the point at which the system armed mode goes into effect.

During this time, it is possible to temporarily open a door or the rear hatch without using the keyless entry system or the keyless operation function and without causing the alarm to sound (for example, when you forget something inside the vehicle or realize that a window is open).

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