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When transporting children in your vehicle, some type of child restraint system should always be used according to the size of the child. This is required by law in most countries.

The regulations concerning driving with children in the front seat may differ from country to country.

You are advised to comply with the relevant regulations.

• When possible, put children in the rear seat. Accident statistics indicate WARNING

• When possible, put children in the rear seat. Accident statistics indicate that children of all sizes and ages are safer when properly restrained in the rear seat rather than in the front seat.

• Holding a child in your arms is no substitute for a restraint system. Failure to use a proper restraint system can result in severe or fatal injury to the child.

• Each child restraint device or fixing is to be used only by one child.

• When attaching a child restraint to the rear seat, place the front seatbacks in the upright position.

Otherwise, the child could be seriously injured in the event of hard braking or a collision.

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